Guys Style Guide

Guys 2015 Style GuideTake a moment to view our Guys Style Guide below. This guides will help you with planning what to wear for your upcoming senior portrait session. You can also view the various indoor and outdoor backgrounds and sets we have at Romaguera Photography in this guide. Depending on the type of senior portrait session you booked with us, will determine the number of outfits you can bring with you. Keep in mind, the less time you spend in one of our dressing rooms is more time in front of the camera. Our photographers will help you in pairing your outfits with an appropriate background or set when you arrive at the studio.

We recommend that you prepare your outfits several days before your scheduled session. The night before your session, make sure your outfit is ironed or use a steamer to get rid of the closet wrinkles, match up your accessories for each outfit, and bring the outfit and accessories together to your session so you are not scrambling to pull everything together after you arrive at the studio.

Feel free to call us at the studio 504.828.3064 if you have any questions.
Check our our Pinterest page for some great fashion ideas!

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